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Our concept is simple: making tasty snack foods inspired by local, fresh, sustainable products. We offer contemporary variations on classic munchies with just about everything prepared in house. We take pride in crafting a regularly changing menu based on the principle of nose-to-tail cooking.

Located in the heart of Little Italy, we are happy to embrace the neighbourhood and culture by incorporating Italian gastronomy and spirits.

We offer a small plates menu and our full menu is available Wednesday through Monday from 4:00 pm until 2:00 am (closed Tuesdays).

Our second floor is equipped with its own bar making it ideal for accommodating larger groups. Please contact us for reservations, group reservations, take-out orders, or any other inquiries.

Beats'n Eats

Join us every Sunday for Beats ‘n Eats where we’ll have half price draught and
half price bottles of wine after 9:00 pm with music by DJ Grusm. It’s a hoot!

  • Best gift ever
  • Yes - we're open today! Regular hours 4pm-2am, AND it's cannoli Sunday, AND it's beats n eats so we got 1/2 price draught and 1/2 price bottles of wine after 9. Plus the always lovely @mistagrusm will be keeping it funky fresh! #beatsNeats
  • Foie toasts! New dish on our fall menu. Pumpernickel pain perdu, alska farms maple gastrique, seared foie gras, house mascarpone, cured egg yolk, sortilege whisky raisins, and crispy brunoise potatoes! #breakfastfordinner #twosixate
  • Don't be a stranger, come out for 1/2 price draughts and 1/2 price bottles of wine after 9pm on Sunday night. Beats n eats long weekend edition! New fall menu and @mistagrusm  will be keepin it greasy - just the way we like it #beatsNeats #cousinlarry #dontbereedeeculous!
  • Who cut the cheese? We did! Oregano halloumi for our fried green tomato salad! #twosixate
  • These are not the aprons you are looking for... @kratedesignandbuild @erinienzi
  • Sneak peek at our new menu! Starts today
  • VIP concert at the grand barn #vankleek #beausoktoberfest #thegrandbarn
  • #thegrandbarn #velvis
  • Fun times at ring toss #beausoktoberfest ML's the big winner! @luce_maria
  • All star crew at #beausoktoberfest @mihajlokos @potshed420 @allium_ottawa @beausallnatural
  • If you're in vankleek, come say hi! We're at Oktoberfest and we have the wurst brats around! #beausoktoberfest @beausallnatural
  • Half way through making sausages for Oktoberfest. Only 600 to go! Natural sauerkraut stuffed real deal bratwursts! #beausoktoberfest @beausallnatural #twosixate
  • Action shot! Octopus and pork meatballs for our gnocchi special #octoballs #twosixate
  • #beatsneats @mistagrusm #sundayfunday
  • Today's special: braised Ienzi farms cardoons in a white vermouth cream sauce with crispy boar bacon celery chive gremolata, mariposa farm egg, and crispy fried okra #ienzifarms #farmfresh #twosixate
  • Thanks for the salmon Corey! Doesn't get much fresher than this #totw
  • Lightly seared ox blood, heart and pork sausage. Made with traditional French pate spices #charcuterie #blooooood #twosixate
  • Warming up for #beausoktoberfest @beausallnatural
  • Untitled
  • New dessert! Rocky road - flourless chocolate cake, aztec bitters, almond brittle, sweet vermouth sour cherries, brûléed vanilla bean marshmallows #iloverockyroad #WeirdAl #fromscratch #glutenfree #hashtag
  • Meet your meat!
  • It's too dang cold outside! Warm up with some ostrich neck and roasted kale tortellini served with #ienzifarms rapini, sea asparagus, pea shoots, shaved summer truffle, in a mushroom chicken broth.
  • 3:30am guacamole @totw @lonnietwopans
  • This wknd we're gonna make house party look like house party 2! @mistagrusm will be keepin it funky on this special long wknd edition of Beats N Eats. 1/2 price bottles of wine and 1/2 price draught from 9pm - 2am!!
  • Sharing plate special: mariposa picnic! Buttermilk brined fried mariposa 1/2 chicken, red finger chili honey, "dandi-kale-ards" with smoked braised boar belly, Ienzi farms long bean and purple bean salad with boar bacon vinaigrette, and spicy southern potato salad. Need I say more?
  • Whole fried snapper special! Stuffed with cilantro, mint, chervil, jalapeño and served with a lovely heirloom carrot salad. Great for sharing and super tasty. Only a few orders left!
  • Scratch made cannolis are on today, and every Sunday!
  • Happy pride week! Tons of awesome stuff going on in the city so get out there and show your pride before the party ends! @beausallnatural
  • Rosemary, fennel, caraway, stoned ground whole wheat mini loaves for our meat and cheese boards! Goodbye crostini, hello fresh baked bread!
  • O'brien farms steak tartare with giardiniera, crispy capers, pickled egg, pickled ox tongue, and fingerling chips
  • Party at 268 tonight! 1/2 price draught and 1/2 price bottles of wine after 9pm, plus righteous tunes by @mistagrusm - it's gonna be rad
  • New cocktail! Cherry Pop 2.0 #jackstonique
  • @wmewmewmewmewme thanks for bringing by this giant puffball! It was delicious #forage #local #puffball
  • Make the most of your weekend! Beats 'N eats starts at 9pm sharp - 1/2 price draught and 1/2 price bottles of wine. Plus it's cannoli day!
  • We're currently experiencing problems with our phone line. Please e mail us at info@twosixate to make a reservation, or just drop by for dinner!
  • New menu starts today! Featured here are the nicoise toasts with cold smoked tuna, surf n turf with octopus and potatoes (play on a family recipe), and our "Italian sausage" which is vegan and gluten free. Plus we got lots more!
  • Come boogie! 1/2 price draught and 1/2 price bottles of wine after 9pm, plus funky beats by @mistagrusm #beatsNeats
  • New sandwich! Short rib pastrami on jalapeño milk bread w/ bread + butter radish, fennel kimchi, ginger pickled carrots, cilantro, + Japanese mayo
  • New feature dessert: lemon balm semi freddo w/Szechuan candied pistachios, local blueberry raspberry compote aaaaand lemon basil marshmallow fluff!
  • Today's special: boar belly stuffed locally foraged milkweed pods braised in our homegrown heirloom tomato sauce. 3 for $10
  • Ienzi farms spinach. Super vibrant colour - and tastes like spinach! #local #urbanfarming #ienzifarms
  • Epic colour on this 268 pancetta. Slices like butter with this asai from @knifewear
  • Put on your Sunday best and come out for 1/2 price wine and 1/2 price draught tonight after 9pm with funky fresh beats by @mistagrusm #beatsNeats
  • Fresh garden specials: sausage stuffed squash blossoms, rapini salad, and pea purée. 3 beautiful stuffed blossoms for $10. #ienzifarms #urbanfarming #local
  • Ienzi farms mint jelly? Or radioactive goo? #nofilter
  • We're back from our break and ready to feed you! 4pm - 2am as usual.
  • Can't get enough of these banh mi's from banh mi boys. Seriously delicious
  • Bonna-reunion! @carohlyner
  • Ready for our flight to Toronto! #vacation @eeanlam @meghanlwhite
  • 1/2 price draught and 1/2 price bottles of wine tonight after 9:00pm, plus funky tunes by @mistagrusm , Pee Wee's bringing his friends and you should too!
  • Fennel kimchi...because why not? Should be ready in a week!
  • Jimmy Witcher says: people are hot and dry, they wanna be cool and fresh. So cool off with 1/2 price draught and 1/2 price bottles of wine after 9PM tonight! @mistagrusm
  • I present to you, the pepperoni line up! Went a little nuts at #the2boyssmokehouse in cole harbour. #staffmeal #theyrealltwix!  #lastpieceofpepperoni
  • Why not pop in after bluesfest for a tasty treat on your way home? Our new feature dessert is a deconstructed trifle with strawberry rhubarb haskap berry compote, black pepper sugar cookie, vanilla genoise and vanilla bean custard. Full menu til 2am!
  • 1/2 price draught and 1/2 price bottles of wine is on tonight and DJ Grusm will be spinning all night long, so stop by and say hi! @mistagrusm #beatsNeats
  • Cool off with our new summer cocktails: very berry gin fizz, demerara mint julep, and back by popular demand our basil and peach sparkling sangria
  • Come wig out at 268! 1/2 priced bottles of wine and 1/2 priced draught after 9:00pm! Tunes by @mistagrusm pluuuus you can meet the Shitty Beatles #waynesworld
  • Delicious treats from #simplybiscotti best baba in the city
  • @marcusfiloso where'd you go bro?
  • Pizza party! @heypatmurray #tennessywillems
  • Come in tonight and these handsome lads will make you dinner @lonnietwopans @theital86
  • Finally had some time to catch up on our rooftop gardening. Lots of lettuce and herbs coming in. Now if only we could keep that pesky squirrel from eating all of our peas  #summer #homegrown #local
  • Come by and have a pint, or 5...it's the @beausallnatural tap takeover at 268! We got festivale, hogans goat, burnt rock, screaming beaver, and our old pal lug tread. Plus some awesome beaus swag to go with your brews. Aaaaaaand we're donating all sales from lug tread to 1squarefoot!! Party ends at 2am
  • Today's the last day to get in on Italian week festivities! Come on down to our patio for beers, sangria, sausages, sunshine and so much more! Thanks to @granatamusic for the wicked speakers!
  • Come on down to Preston for some sangria, sausages, and face painting too! #italianweek #preston #littleitaly @erinienzi
  • Here's a fact, iiiiiii'm the wiz! @mistagrusm
  • Free form lasagna: chanterelles, braised duck leg, mariposa egg yolk, fava ricotta, chili duck jus, and parm
  • Croque Madame sandwich: house made smoked ham, local cheeses, alegretto truffle mornay sauce, mariposa farm egg on house sweet pickle bread
  • Never in a million years did I think I'd be spending my Friday nights making flower arrangements at 3am, but this has become a regular occurrence
  • Join us on Wed, June 18th for an Ontario Craft Beer Week Event, we're hosting a @beausallnatural tap takeover! We'll be serving up a delicious table d'hote menu and beaus will be providing 5 awesome unique beers. Plus we'll be donating a portion of beer sales to 1squarefoot! Call to make a reso and reserve your tickets. Reservations from 6:00pm - 11:00pm.
  • For allium staff party! Squid ink pasta, roasted tomato sea urchin cream, grilled smoked calamari @luce_maria
  • Makin real deal hot dogs from scratch for our new ball park pogo dish! House Harissa ketchup, yellow mustard, and bread and butter pickles. Hot doooogs! Get yer hot doooogs!
  • So excited this is on right now!
  • Brains n breads! #chefsnacks
  • Mustard tarragon pickled ramps #wecanpicklethat
  • Didn't get to catch the episode of you gotta eat here tonight, but we celebrated with some bubbly while butchering @yougottaeathere
  • Laser eyes #mrguastafeste
  • Pizzelle cannoli - my sister is a genius @luce_maria
  • Happy Mother's Day! Hope every mama is out enjoying the sunshine today
  • Auguri Alberto! Happy 28th birthday :):):) @theital86
  • Scottish breakfast special: smoked herring, poached egg, mariposa greens, sorrel emulsion, and quick pickled cukes from acorn creek #kippers #quickle
  • So excited for this! @ozkafe
  • Recap of our delish dinner @la_roma_ottawa last Monday. Good food, good friends, and good wine! @justjozie @burger2009 7 bottles + 5 people = a ridiculously great night
  • Lou and his frittatas! Rapini, jalapeño, grilled pork, and smoked mozzarella staff meal frittata
  • Arrooon holding some lovely flowers for my momma from @sparrowfloraldesign on Easter Sunday @lonnietwopans @me_and_buck
  • Today's special is just plain offal. #badpun #bigpun
  • After 3 long months our bison salami is finally ready, and daaaaaamn is it tasty! It'll be featured on our meat and cheese board til it's all eaten up
  • Fresh batch of housemade horseradish ready to go. Can't wait to make some Caesars!
  • Staff meal tonight! Fried chicken with smoked fried Mac and cheese and a nice and healthy fennel and frisée salad. Thanks to Greg from Zydeco smokehouse for the the end of shift Mac and cheese delivery. Love our Neighbours :)
  • Christmas came early this year! Brand new commercial vac sealer :) can't wait to preserve some meat!
  • Wild boar, @btpbrewing darkness beer, and black garlic pepperoni
  • Beau's hogans goat and spicebox apple jelly for our meat and cheese board @beausallnatural
  • So stoked this is on right now
  • Reppin blaktop @sir_brownkid
  • Never a dull moment in the 268 kitchen! Giving these freshly cleaned pig skulls to krate koncepts so they can make something awesome @erinienzi
  • House made scrapple made from mariposa pork - part of the next feature sandwich: Mariposa fried egg, pickled onion, fried tomato, and sweet pickle mayo
  • New feature dessert -  deconstructed grapefruit meringue pie: grapefruit curd, lavender meringue, candied lavender dust, chamomile syrup and pate sucre @getyoursweetfix
  • New tuna crudo! Cured egg yolk, pickled potato, capers, crispy fried quinoa, lemon, micro greens, and organic olive oil
  • Birthday treats! Baba delivery from the best bf and homemade cheesecake delivery from my awesome bro! #luckyfatty
  • She eats her peas one at a time!
  • Pear pressure: cognac, muddled ginger and thyme, pear eau de vie, galliano, and pear juice. New cocktail!
  • Tako-su, I love you! Dinner at Suisha was delicious as usual #dayoff
  • New feature dessert! @getyoursweetfix blood orange and house made ricotta tart, vanilla infused olive oil, crumbled pistachios
  • Lavender, locally foraged elderberry, and juniper bitters, can't wait til these are ready! Thanks to Jodi from cardamom and cloves on Preston for the lavender :)
  • Day off dinner at the folks place - lamb roasted on the fireplace with lamb jus and foie gras sauce
  • Recap of our delish Vday meal @urbanpear lobster bisque,duck tartare,and short rib to name a few. Too good! P.s. Thanks for the rose
  • Looking for late night V Day dinner plans? Our menu is on til 2am and we've got some killer specials
  • Thanks for the new bar book @tessadrienne, Stick loves it!
  • 8 foot suckling pig porchetta hogie. Staff Xmas party 2013/2014. Marge, I'd like to be alone with the sandwich for a moment
  • Only a few days left to try our hangover poutine! House made Canadian bacon, 5 minute egg, oven dried tomatoes, hollandaise, chicken gravy, cheese curds, fries #lapoutineweek
  • Happy international gruit day! Each week in feBREWary we'll be releasing a new beer from @beausallnatural, this week we have the St. Lukes Verse!
  • Do you like beer? Do you like football? This Super Bowl Sunday we'll have beer and football upstairs at 268!
  • Tomorrow's special prepared by chef yoda : spicy fried pig ears with chili gastrique - only 2 orders!
  • Turkey wings! With sautéed fennel and rapini, dijonaise,and hot sauce
  • Fun with eggs! Making some cured egg yolks #youcancurethat
  • Holy cannoli - it's cannoli Sunday! Made fresh every Sunday. @getyoursweetfix
  • Viva puffs! New feature dessert - housemade strawberry jam, graham cookie, marshmallow and dark chocolate @getyoursweetfix #throwbackdesserts
  • Pork offal Jäeger wurst sausage: heart, kindey, and liver. 1 week dry hang then off to the smoker! #youcancurethat #sausageparty
  • Come on down and fill our olive jar with money to help make mcnabb skate park awesome. We're collecting donations in any denomination. Do it for the kidz! @antiqueskate @totw
  • Orange cauliflower #youcanpicklethat
  • Bison salami: day 1! Only 29 more days til it's ready #youcancurethat
  • Bresaola made from o'brien farms eye of round. We be curing hard in the streets! #youcancurethat
  • Brought this gem back for my nieces from the puerto plata airport. I present to you, Mr Bacon
  • This came in the mail on New Year's Eve :) thanks for the lovely postcard @alyssafowlr , we're working on sending you that burger. Lots of love from the two six ate crew xoxox
  • Thanks to @justjozie 's persistence, we were all able to enjoy banana daiquiris #hosie @burger2009 @roopaloo
  • Back to reality! Goodbye Dominican, it was fun while it lasted @justjozie @burger2009 @roopaloo
  • We still have some room on New Years(early + late seatings)Call or e mail for reservations, or pop in after dins, we'll be partying til 3! #cagatio
  • Christmas celebrations round 2! #thatsalotoftableshakin @cjimperiale @jacobimperiale @cichrissy
  • Bah-humbug! #grinchchristmas #scroogemcduck
  • Alberto and his 5 litre cab sauv baby - merry Christmas!! @theital86
  • Thanks for the sausage delivery @roughchopottawa can't wait to try your big Turkish salami!
  • Buttermilk and bourbon brined fried chicken with smoked pork hock braised collared greens and black garlic mayo - new feature sandwich!
  • Thanks for the cookie delivery mom! #italianchristmas #marzipan
  • Beautiful wreath from @sparrowfloraldesign @me_and_buck thanks!!!!!
  • New dessert: mom's Christmas cookie exchange! Ginger eggnog cookies, fig newtons, sponge toffee orange rum balls, mint yule log @getyoursweetfix @sarzbar
  • Tonight's dinner: Scottish salmon, swordfish, and tuna crudo and short rib beef carpaccio #nightoff
  • Nice bottle of cannonau and some classic Schwarzenegger and Devito Christmas movies #nightoff

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